Could it be happening again?

On Monday (September 14, 2009) I felt a change in my right breast. The same one where I had breast cancer back in 1998. To read about that wild ride just click here!

I went to the nurse practitioner for an exam on Tuesday. Although she wasn’t sure she felt anything it was decided to have a diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound considering my history.

The test were done today. Thankfully I’ve never had an issue with mammograms. Perry was waiting out in the lobby until it was time for the radiologist to come in to give us his findings. Enter the radiologist….followed by the tech and his nurse. Red flag. Why did he need his nurse as well?

Dr. Juenemann is a very nice man. Direct, pulls no punches yet talks to his patients as if they are humans…you know what I mean. No extra medical terminology that leaves you scratching your head. Wasn’t in a hurry. Wanted to make sure Perry and I had the time to absorb what he had said and formulate questions.

So, what did he say? Significant changes were seen in the current views taken. The ultra sound confirmed that there were indeed suspicious masses in both breasts. “Even without your history I would be very concerned.”

Next step is the biopsy. Or shall I say biopsies. Ultra sound guided for that matter. Plural. Wow! First time that has really hit me….saying it is one thing but seeing it in print is another thing.

In case you are wondering….right now I am 44 years old. My first go ’round with BC was back in 1998. Mary Beth (our soon to be 20 year old daughter who still lives with us) is expecting our first grandchild. Her due date is somewhere around the very beginning of the year 2010.

I’m jumping to conclusions and must stop. No one has said I have cancer again as of right now. Need to face tomorrow with that thought in my head.

So…off to watch the season premier of House (whoo! hoo!) and crawl into bed with the hounds. As some very wise folks have told me about life: “It is as it is.”

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