In 25 hours and 15 minutes I will be meeting with my surgeon. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Lovett again! I also know things may roll along quickly now. Lots of planning on going in my head taking into account every case scenario that I may face. Some tell me to just be cool and wait to see what happens. My brain does not work that way (as many of you already know). “What ifs” only scare me if I haven’t already contemplated them.

Today I’m a bit nervous. The anticipation….hearing from so many family and friends offering their support…watching the NASCAR race makes me nervous no matter what!!! :o) Perry is threatening to duct tape me down if I don’t stop pacing. Hey! I did get the closet cleaned out!

Sending my love to you all! I’m off to watch the race and pace some more. GO JIMMIE JOHNSON!!!!

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