One week and counting

Came home early from work today (THANK YOU Brandee for covering recess for me). Have a bit of the blechy stomach. Can’t decide if I have a touch of a bug or a touch of the nerves. 1 week from this moment I will probably be in recovery…or just getting out. Geez! I hate coming out of anesthesia! (Dad – feel free to come along and keep me warm and stop the shaking again).

Saturday at 2:00 we’ll be having some of our basset friends over. Come along if you’d like for an afternoon of great pot-luck and fun! Need a little entertainment to get me through the weekend.

So…my dear friend Robin asked me a great question to which I have yet to find an answer:  The tooth fairy leaves nice goodies under the pillow….what does the boobie fairy bring?? Hmmm…….

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