Follow up with surgeon

Wish the news were better. But it isn’t “bad” in the big picture! Just a let down. It seems I may have a bit of an infection brewing on my left side. Bummer. Dr. Lovett used a syringe to take about 50 ccs of fluid off the right side. When he checked the drainage from the left he was a bit concerned about the coloring so sent me off with a prescription for antibiotics and strict instructions to “lay low and rest.” He also took the stitch off the remaining drain (hopefully to be removed Friday) – it was irritating me a bit (ok, so it felt like an exacto knife whenever I moved).

I also got a copy of the pathology report which I still ave to look over and figure out. I understand most of it. Some of it is all greek to me. Once I gegt it figured out I can tell you a little more of what is going on.

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