Thursday! Thursday!

I’m chanting “Thursday” so I can remember what darned day of the week it is!

All is going along nicely. The infection seems to be clearing up and I’m feeling more energized with each day. Tomorrow I go back to see Dr. Lovett who will (fingers and paws crossed) take the last drain out! AND….if all goes well I’ll be stopping at the school for some very needed hugs from “my kids!”

On another front….Mary Beth saw the baby doctor today. Heartbeat is strong (137 bpm) and she is 32 weeks. YIKES!!! She even got the H1N1 shot! Good thing!

Time for a cup of tea! Denise brought me over lunch yesterday afternoon (talk about a treat) along with the most beautiful tea cup! I’m enjoying Cranberry Orange Spice from the Mad Hatter! It is soooo relaxing! Thanks Denise! And I can sit and smell the flowers sent by my Basset Hound Club friends! A gorgeous fall floral arrangement!

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