Saw The Oncologist today

I met with my Oncologist this afternoon. Dr. Garino. I love her! Beautiful Italian accent (I think). She took a lot of time with me and explained everything so I understood what was to come. Even though I’ve had my pathology report I decided to not look into it too closely in fear of driving myself nuts needing answers sooner than I could get them. With that said….there are a few suprises.

#1:  This is a NEW priamary cancer. Just my luck! I was hoping it was a recurrence. Who the heck wants ANOTHER cancer? But – it isn’t a metastatic cancer so THAT part is good!

#2:  Although the two tumors (which again is rare) were smaller than the original (which was 2.6 cm) they are still big enough to indicate chemo (one was 1.7 cm and the other 1.8). 1 cm is the “cut off” so to speak.

#3:  Both tumors are ER/PR positive which is good! Although grade 3 having them ER/PR positive means they are “easier” to treat. Last time I was basically negative for both.

#4:  Her2Neu is another test they run on the tumors and basically meaures the expression of certain hormones or chemicals or whatever. One tumor was negative bt the other is “2+” which means MAYBE I am a candidate for Herceptin – a ground breaking chemo drug that has really changed bc in the last 5 years. We are waiting for a clarification on the results to determine IF I can have it or not.

What this all means….after a slew of tests this week (MUGA scan and CT scan as well as the placement of a port) I will begin chemo on Thursday, November 12 at 1:15 pm. It’s a three hour infusuion. For sure I’ll have Taxotere and Cytoxin. Herceptin might be added dependent on the results of the Her2Neu results. If no Herceptin I’ll have a total of 4 rounds of the T/C meds once every three weeks. If I do have the Herceptin it’ll be the T/C + H once every three weeks for 6 rounds followed by Herceptin itself every three weeks for a total of a year. Hmmm….long time!

So, in a nutshell things just might suck for a bit! BUT – I have so many people behind me and a great group of folks I work with willing to help me as they can. We’ll just take it one day at a time!

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