1st Round of Chemo Done!

The appointment started at 1:15. After the preliminary paperwork and explainations the Dexamethasone (steroid) was administered via IV. From now on I’ll take it orally the day before, the of chemo and the day after. This is to ward off the potential allergic reaction to the taxotere and to help with nausea.

I then had the taxotere infusion which took about an hour. Followed by the Cytoxin which was 65 minutes.

During the dripping :o) I read a bit, looked over the information on the meds I was getting and chatted with the chemo nurses. Very nice folks there!

I was off at about 4:40. I have to go on tomorrow for an injection of Neulasta which is a white blood cell booster. Mary and I stopped to pick  up my meds (Zofran is the most important for nausea control). Took it right away.

I’ll write more tomorrow or whenever I feel better. One of the side effects I had gotten from the cytoxin last time was a strange tingly head ache and some sinus stuff. Feeling that now. I’m pretty tired as well. I know I need to get some rest and stay hydrated to avoid the urka gurkas! LOL More to come!

1 down 3 to go!

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