I now have chemo brain

Well, I am happy to announce I haven’t gotten it by the nausea! So far. Went in to the clinic for my injection of Neulasta this afternoon (just gotta love the side effect of bone pain). They said the arthritis in my back (which is apparently getting worse according to the CT Scan) might flare up. Oh goodie! BUT – I can call them if I need any good drugs. :o)

The only real issues right now is the fact I have to set my alarm for 1 AM to take my Zofran. Needed the Vicodin for my darned port. Kind of sore! I guess the fact they accessed it the day after it was inserted may have had something to do with that! Today they called in Ativan so I can try to get some sleep and for the break through nausea they said can still happen within the next couple days. Drinking tons of water and Ginger Ale.

I also have the darned cytoxin head ache. It’s the same as I had last time. Feels like a major sinus head ache that Benadryl doesn’t touch. BUT – if this is the worst of it so far that is AOK!

Next chemo is set for December 3rd.

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