One week later

Well, its Thursday….one week after the first chemo. I haven’t been the blogging queen – just not quite up to par. The first few days the nausea was manageable with the meds but it was there. Kind of like getting off a ride at the amusement park and needing a brief moment to catch your breath and balance.

I did end up with a sinus infection. Monday at work was rough – I just didn’t feel well but wrote it off to the chemo. On Tuesday it started to hit me that I felt as if I had a sinus infection. The pressure, head ache, teeth hurting…called Dr. Garino’s office and they got me Z-Pack (antibiotic). I started it Tuesday so his is the 3rd day. I definately feel better…. but still slightly blechy.

So, in a nut shell….hair still attached, nausea really getting better (in fact I only take my Zofran at night now), still hungrier than a Hippo (so no fear of me withering away anytime soon)….and the fatigue is amazing! Hits me like a brink wall around noon. But, I am blessed to have a great family who really understands that when I get home from work I need to get to bed! OK, so maybe I’m blessed with a family smart enough to keep their mouths shut whether they understand or no! :o)

Hope you have a good Thursday!

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