Thanksgiving and Hair – what a combination!

Thanksgiving was the best ever!! OK, one thing would have made it better: if dad and Carol had been there. But, they were with family out-of-town and I know they missed us dearly :o)

What was I thankful for? A ton of things but let me just throw out a few of them because I need to!

  • My hair didn’t fall out during dinner (yes, it started to fall out yesterday – day 14 of chemo)
  • My family rocks! I am the luckiest person in the world! The love and support is amazing! That especially includes Perry and the kids. 
  • I have the best friends in the whole world! I can’t even begin to mention specifics because there are too many of them. You all know who you are! Each and every person who has sent me messages, cards, gifts, food, love and even drool have filled my heart! 
  • Even though I find myself in the middle of a cancer journey – life is good. For that I am thankful! OK, so the hair is falling out. Happens to the best of us! OK, so I;m tired! Take a nap!! It really is okay!
  • I am also thankful for my job, boss and co-workers. How did I get so lucky?? OK, I do have my step mom to thank for that! I am surrounded every day by love, support and humor! And boy do I need that humor! And that incloudes the kids at the school!

I love each and everyone of you!! Yes, feeling a bit emotional today. The hair loss has me a bit thrown for a loop. NOT ready for this.

Pictures from Turkey Day!! Of course my camera battery died so I only got a couple photos. Darn! I LOVE Holiday Family around-the-table pictures!

Aunt Rita and her friend, Don
Joe, Perry, Don, Rita & Mary Beth (friend Ashley in foreground)

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