Difficult day

One of the hardest days we have faced as a family yet. My hair started to fall out Thanksgiving. Noticed it as I was taking a shower and looked down at the wad of hair on the drain. I immediately thought “those darned girls!” My daughters love to color and treat their hair and with Mary being pregnant a little hair loss is typical. I bend over to pick it up when, to my horror…it was MY hair!

Got through Thanksgiving with minimal shedding (blamed the dogs if anyone noticed). By today I was a wreck. It was falling out in wads. Perry offered to shave my head and just get it over with. In all honesty…we both sobbed as he did it. It was not easy for him!

Here I am pre-shaving (thanks for mentioning the hair was flipping out, Perry!):

Here I am with head shaved:

And with the glorious bandanna:

I do have a really neat wig that my dad and Carol got for me 11 years ago. I need to get it “reconditioned” before I wear it! Looks like my Lhasa apso on a bad hair day right now!

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