On Being Adopted

One of the frustrations I face right now is trying to find some information about my birth father. I have received some wonderful information about my birth mother and her family so this will be a HUGE help!! Thanks to Amy (my half-sister which is still kind of strange to say).

I did manage to get my birth father’s name – but have run into a BIG stone wall. He has either disappeared from the face of the earth or I do not have the spelling of the last name correct.

In the big picture it really will not change the immediate outcome of my genetic testing. Afterall, I get poked, blood is drawn and they test it. Breast cancer genes mutated? Yes or no. Period. What it WILL affect (based upon my minimal understanding of family history) is that if I am positive the girls will need to be tested and those outside my immediate family (as in siblings of my birth parents) will not know how they are possibly affected.

And again, with that little glimmer of knowledge I do kind of suspect IF I have a mutation of either of the bc genes it very may well be coming from my birth father’s side. Interesting concept, huh?

Today I signed up for the free 2 week trial of Ancestory.com. WOW did THAT bring back some really neat memories! When the girls were in middle school one of their assignments were to explore their family history. At the time we purchased the Family Tree Maker software and did a lot of research. I even reconnected with some of the family on my mom’s side (as in adoptive mom) who live in Wisconsin. Piles of information and documents came my way from Bernita! You would not believe how far back we were able to get! We took a few family trips to local cemetaries (kind of strange but we had a blast) and took photos of the head stones of our relatives to add. We ended up with a very thick three-ring binder full of photos and information! I even went and dug it out this evening to reminice. Too bad I lost the version on my computer! UGH!

But I digress….I signed up for the free trial to try to locate my birth father. Did everyting I could come up with and no luck. Checked military records, the social security death index …nada, nothing, zip!

So, I’m going to just be satisfied with the fact that I am lucky enough to have the info I need from my birth mother’s side and just go from there. Guess it’s HIS loss to not be found! Besides, I have a dad and really am not looking to appear on any of those goofy “help me find my family” TV shows. Good Lord! All I want is some updated info!

So, you all know I’ll keep digging, right? LOL Can’t let a sleeping dog lie (just ask Snickers and Bo). IF I find anyting I’ll be sure to give a holler!

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