I miss you, Buddy!

On December 16, 2008 there was a winter storm in Minnesota. We had the day off of school and work. The wind blew. The snow fell. The cold tried to creep into the house. But we were warm and cozy. Safe inside together around the fire blazing in the fireplace.

But the house was filled with sorrow. This was the day were to say good-bye to our beloved Basset hound Bullet. For 5 years he honored us with his grumpy presence. At an amazing 15 years old he was a miracle. Just a couple years before he lost the use of his back legs only to find the strength from within to walk again. Over time he lost that ability. Life became a struggle for my best friend. And this was the day. Storm or no storm….we had to love him to the fullest by letting him go…..

I didn’t go with. Couldn’t do it. I carried him to the van. Crying the whole way. You see, just 2 months before we suddenly lost our Bucksnort to cancer. How could I lose Bullet too? But it was only out of our love that we let him go. Perry and Mary Beth drove the 20 miles to the vet and cradled him in their locing arms as he quietly crossed to the bridge where he would be happy and whole again.

I sat at home crying….

Here is the video we made in honor of his 15th birthday in September 2008. I still miss him…my heart still aches for him anbd Bucksnort. Watch the video and know this is why we are so involved in Basse Rescue – it’s all for the love of the hounds!

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