Long time no see!

Oh my!! I’m bad. I haven’t updated the blog – but that is a good thing! I’m feeling pretty good (just the minor little tummy stuff that is NOTHING in the big picture of life)!

This Wednesday is the LAST CHEMO!! To celebrate Perry will be going with me. He wants to see what they do. OK, I sit down…the poke me…I sit more…and more…and then go home. LOL Not sure what he thinks! Maybe he wants to get into the wild game of cribbage we had last time.

I’m sitting here watching the news about Haiti. And I think I’m having a bad day? Sometimes it takes this to really shake a person back into reality! Its given me the chance to count by blessings! Family, baby Cailin, friends….everyone in my life. Nothing material means too much when you think about it. It can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

Hug your loved ones – and hug your hounds!!

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