It’s Official! NO MORE CHEMO!!

I had my appointment with Dr. Garino this afternoon and it was decided that I will not need any more chemo! YIPPY!!! Boy does this ever feel great! It is so hard to believe how quickly time flew by! I am happy to report that I am doing well!

There are a few little “loose ends” to take care of.  I will be having a Bone Densitometry

 done.  It is also called a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan. Basically they scan the bones to determine the possible degree of bone loss that may have occurred from the chemo and from the past 10 years after my hysterectomy. If bone loss is found then I’ll probably start on the Fosamax which help regenerate bone growth.

On February 8th I’ll see the gynecologist to help try to solve the mystery of the missing ovary.

Back in 2000 when I had the hysterectomy I also had my ovaries removed. Funny thing – they could only find one! My doc at the time was a bit befuddled by the fact that it was just GONE. Apparently it looked as if it had been there at one time. They looked and it was just written off as “gone.”

Over time we’ve determined it must be there somewhere (based upon certain blood levels and symptoms) and this a cause of concern. My original cancer (in 1998) was estrogen negative. This time both tumors were estrogen positive. Estrogen is being produced somewhere and could very well be the trigger for the cancers.

Today I had an FSH test done (another blood level). I had one done about 6 months after the hysterectomy. At that time the results showed “ovarian functioning.” With no ovary?? I think not! The results this time will determine if nothing else if I will be put on “anti-estrogen” meds for the cancer (and which one will be appropriate). Being that chemo may have put me into menopause (and by the amount of hot flashes I have I think I already know the answer to that one) the results may not really help us determine if there is an ovary or not.

Let the mystery continue for now!!

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