Happy Birthday to me – I had an MRI!

Yesterday I celebrated my 45th birthday by having an MRI. May I suggest that no one chooses to have one for their birthday? :o)

I am VERY claustrophobic. The strange thing is that I never was until my first cancer diagnosis back 11 years ago. I’ve had 2 other MRIs since (and various other “close” tests) and did fine with a little help from the versed (which I happen to really like) so I wasn’t too worried. This time I was given Xanax instead of Versed. Hmm…wasn’t real sure how that was going to work when it seemed like it didn’t do anything to calm me down. AND Perry wasn’t allowed in to hold my hand. That kind of threw me for a loop.

This time I went in feet first so I could look up a bit and see outside. OK, I think I can do this. So in I go and I immediately hit the button to get me out. Nope! Not gonna work! So we try adding another pillow because I also have issues with laying too flat. Back in I go…and back out I come! LOL I finally realize the issue was that my arms were crossed over my chest and I had the sensation of being constricted. I was picturing myself being squished into a toilet paper tube.

Now by this point I am getting a bit worried because I wasn’t sure I could do it. But the two techs were WONDERFUL and came up with the suggestion of putting my arms over my head…and it worked!!

When all is said and done it went very well. I should get the results later this afternoon. I am having a bit of a reaction – but from what I do not know! My joints feel slightly swollen and my asthma is really acting up. I also am finding it necessary to visit the bathroom every 10 minutes. (BLECH) Maybe from the contrast? Maybe from the Xanax? Perry and the doctor on call (yes, I did call) think its stress and anxiety. Maybe – but I’m excited to get these results so that doesn’t make too much sense to me. This will tell us IF there is an ovary that needs to be removed. If it is there we yank it out! If it isn’t…well, we don’t. It will also help determine which med I will be on as far as the continued treatment for the cancer. So, no matter what, I see nothing but good news either way!

Perry was worried about them finding more cancer but I absolutely do not see that as a possible outcome. After all, I did have a CT scan a couple days before chemo started and there was NOTHING more found at that time. He’s just a worry wart! :o)

So, I’m home from work and laying in bed with my computer – watching the rebroadcast of the Westminster dog show from last night (and NO – the Basset didn’t win although she was by far the most beautiful dog of all) – and getting some obviously needed R&R.; 

I’ll update when I hear from the doctor!

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