Interesting turn of events

As my last post indicated I had an MRI on Monday the 15th. Yesterday afternoon I received the results which were a surprise to everyone.

Indeed the “missing” ovary was located. The doctor said it is located near a large artery in the pelvic area. He did review the ultra sounds done at the time of the surgery and confirmed that the ovary was not seen so he suspects it is surrounded by scar tissue or something.

OK, so that is what I was hoping for – it answers a lot of questions!

Here is the strange part – there is also an indication that part of the right ovary is also present. WHAT? OK, so I know darned well they told me they at least got that one! The whole point of my surgery back in 2000 was to get rid of the darned ovaries and the resulting production of estrogen to reduce the risk of a recurrence.

On March 5th I have an appointment with Dr. Tan who specializes in GYN oncology and surgery. Both my current GYN and Oncologists have reviewed the last MRI and agree that she is the person to see. They feel it is appropriate not because there is any concern for a cancer being present, but because she will have the best understanding of all the various possible resolutions and consequences to the choices to be made.

*IF* there is to be a surgery it might be a little more complicated that originally thought. In addition to surgery we’ll talk about the use of meds to control the estrogen. Who knows? The meds will certainly be less invasive than a surgery. On the other hand, at my age that means I might have to be on them for a significant amount of time so the side effects will need to be considered very carefully.

I think I’ll write a book. The title will be: “Are You Kidding Me?!?!” LOL

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