Cailin’s Checck up

Cailin had her 6 week check up (although she will be 8 weeks this coming Saturday). She had her vaccinations and was examined from her little head to her tiny toes.

She seems to be hitting her developmental milestones pretty much on time and is getting stronger by the day. She is NOT a fan of “tummy time” but we can see her lifting and holding her head up for longer periods of time each day. Yesterday it almost seemed that she figured out if she kicked her legs her toys on the bouncer would jingle.

Dr. Barth found that Cailin has an “innocent” heart murmur. Very common condition for infants and children so nothing to worry about. She is going to see a cardiologist just to double check….but this is also standard procedure.

She is being switched to a new formula that is a bit more gentle for the tummy and was prescribed something for her reflux. Can I just say that being the grandma I have decided she does NOT have reflux?  In comparison to the projectile fire-hose style “spitting up” her mother did as an infant this is nothing! And in reality I really don’t think she is spitting up that much….but to Mary Beth it is a lot and she isn’t gaining much weight so we’ll do what we can to get it to all work out!

On to the weight issues. I shouldn’t say “issue” because it really isn’t one. She was born at 7.6 pounds and is now 8.1 pounds (in the 3 percentile). She did grow 1 inch! Heck, Mary and Anna were still bigger than Cailin when they were born! Dr. Barth says he is NOT worried about her being a slow grower since she is developing appropriately and has the heart murmur. For whatever reason infants with this “innocent” heart murmur grow slow. I think we are going to just have a little peanut on our hands!!

Mary is going to make the appointment for the cardiologist today and then we can pass on the update! No worries, though. Cailin is precious and perfect!!

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