It’s been awhile!

Life is grand! I had my surgery on the 10th of March. The left ovary was removed. On the right what we thought was a piece of the right ovary ended up being a cyst. That was removed as well. The recovery as been ok. Not great. I was expecting to get back to work the following Monday but that was not to be. I needed a few days more. I have a “lazy” bowel right under the area of one of the incisions.  Although it seems to be working it is still pretty sore. But, in the big picture of life it is nothing to worry about! The pathology report from the surgery is back and everything is GREAT! Whew! I wasn’t worried yet I was. Does that sound silly?

At the end of April I have a bone density scan to make sure my bones are behaving. I suspect we’ll find some abnoramilites. Why? My oncologist called this past week to let me know my Vitamin D is out of wack. This is interesting since research shows that people with low vitamin D also have certain cancers. Hmmm….I am outside at least 1 hour per day (I do recess at the school) and the doc feels this *should* be adequate for someone in a northern climate. But the test showed pretty low levels. I’m on a high dose vitamin D supplement once per week for the next 8 weeks to try to take care of the issue. Vitamin D is important for bone growth so I suspect there might be some issues with the bone density scan. Like always, this too shall pass. I’m young enough and sitting outside in the sun is something I just might consider doing!

I’ll post to let you know how all that goes!

On another note – many of you know we will be needing to move. GOOD NEWS! We found a house! Thaks so much to JC to hooked up Perry and a gal from their job. They have a house very near us and need someone to take it over for them in July! It is a great place and we look forward to starting out life a new. A new chapter in the life of Perry and Lisa will begin! And it will be the best chapter ever!

We’ll let everyone know what happens (not until July).

Thank you for all of the good wishes and prayers. Your love and support pulls me through each day!


On Wednesday, March 10, I will be having on Oophorectomy by robotics. WOW! Sounds kind of funky to me!

I met the GYN/Oncologist surgeon this morning. She is wonderful!! Younger gal who is very sensitive and understanding of my needs. She spent about 45 minutes with me explaining everything that will be happening…and then some!

Here is what is planned:  after reviewing the MRI, CT scans and the rest of the history Dr. Tan is confident that she will be able to remove the left whole ovary and whatever is left on the right side laparoscopically. Because this might be a bit more delicate she will be doing it with robotic assistance: “Laparoscopic oophorectomy may also be robotically assisted in certain complicated cases. During robotic surgery, the surgeon watches a 3-D monitor and uses hand controls that allow finer movement of the surgical tools.”

Of course there is no guarantee it can be done this way and if not then we’ll have to go through the abdomen. Best case scenario I will be back to work the following Monday!

It is so good to know that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Once the ovaries are really gone I can then start on the right meds as follow up to the cancer.

Although a surgery is NOT something to look forward to, in the bog picture it is good to know we are able to really take some steps to take control of my body!