My first day hatless!

I decided to just ditch the hat and bandanna and let it all hang out. Of course I really don’t have anything to hang out! I should have one of the kids at the school measure my hair to see how long it is. “They” say hair grows 1/4 inch per month. If that is true it should be almost 3/4 inch long.

The most interesting thing was the reaction of the children. Most of the little ones exclaimed, “Miss Lisa! You cut your hair!” They never really understood why I was wearing a hat or bandanna and the last time they saw my hair it was longer. The older kids (4th grade and up) got it for the most part and were very supportive of my decision to go without head cover. In fact, I even had a few styling suggestions! My favorite is to dye it fire engine red and let it grow….the tips would be red and the rest blond!

Anna goes to Prom!

What an exciting day for our family! Anna’s Prom! She spent the day going to get her nails (pedicure included) and hair done. Her handsome boyfriend, JT, gave her a beautiful corsage! What a great looking couple they make! We let them take the Suburban (couldn’t swing the limo) and off they go!

This year prom is being held at the Great Hall in St. Paul, MN. Not sure what it will look like for their event but here is a photo from their web site:

Here are a few quick shots we took before they left! Anna took the camera and promised to get some great photo memories to share with us tomorrow! I did get a picture of the back of her hair (it is amazing) but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow when she gets home before I can download it!


It’s been a long time since I last posted. I apologize for ignoring you! Its not that I didn’t want to post. I just have felt kind of depressed and am tired of being the bearer of bad news. Gets tiring even for me!

Where to begin? The ovary removal was a HUGE success!  The left ovary was located and taken out. The right side had a cyst that was also removed. My recovery went very well! I’m left with just a few little ity-bity scars! No more bikinis for me! (YIKES)

I am also the proud owner of a herniated disc in my back. Talk about luck! I had an MRI (which I survived without mediation)  that discovered a herniation in my lumbar spine area. Right now I have a numb foot and leg. Each day it gets better an better. But – I need to have physical therapy to get the darned leg to work right!

In the big picture all is well! The grandbaby is making us so happy! My health improves daily. We found a placve to move into (that will be in July)….everyone is doing well!

I promise to update more frequently!

Baby Cailin – taken 4/11/2010