My first day hatless!

I decided to just ditch the hat and bandanna and let it all hang out. Of course I really don’t have anything to hang out! I should have one of the kids at the school measure my hair to see how long it is. “They” say hair grows 1/4 inch per month. If that is true it should be almost 3/4 inch long.

The most interesting thing was the reaction of the children. Most of the little ones exclaimed, “Miss Lisa! You cut your hair!” They never really understood why I was wearing a hat or bandanna and the last time they saw my hair it was longer. The older kids (4th grade and up) got it for the most part and were very supportive of my decision to go without head cover. In fact, I even had a few styling suggestions! My favorite is to dye it fire engine red and let it grow….the tips would be red and the rest blond!

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