I love Saturdays!

What a great easy going day! Perry and I took a very leisurely stroll to Caribou Coffee this morning. Took us just over an hour to go about 6 blocks. Not out fault! We have the poky-paced Snickers with us! She didn’t get a treat at Caribou (being diabetic she does not need extra treats) so decided to walk as slow as she could on the way home.

Anna is at Camp Ripley for the weekend. Even though she isn’t around much anyway I always miss her when she’s gone. Maybe its not so much that she is gone as much as it is she is at a drill weekend….another sign that she is growing up! She leaves for basic training in July. Not sure how I’m going to manage her being gone!

Perry is out doing yard work. To be honest – I’m having a tough time keeping up with the housework. The kids and Perry help out a great deal, don’t get me wrong. But no one can do it as well as me! LOL During chemo and after the surgeries I had a hard time keeping up. Now? Its just hard to really care when I know we are moving in a couple months. In fact…only 2 months from now!   It breaks my heart that we are losing the home we love so dearly. BUT – I thank God each day that we have a place to go because of the kindness of a friend! So, I keep looking at the good and turning a cheek to the bad. But I still don’t feel like cleaning! :o)

So, today I am just sitting her playing with the computer. I’ll enjoy a glass of wine (or two). Feeling happy about my life. I have a job I love! I have a great family (even though none of my kids seem to be willing to move out)….what more can I ask for??

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