I started this blog a bit ago but after talking to a dear friend decided I needed to go about it a different way.

Here is the deal….I’m having a hard time accepting the way I physically look. OK, so I’ve gone through a cancer treatment. Lost both breasts…and I survived it! Why isn’t it enough?

I hate the way I look. My hair is coming in – and it IS blond. Don’t listen to the family members trying to convince me it is really gray! Not true!! Right now it is super short and spiky. Might be cute had I not gained so much weight.

I tried on an adorable sleeveless blouse this morning. Does NOT work with the fake boobs. The bra I wear that hold them shows way too much. Back to the darned t-shirts.

My weight weighs heavy on my mind. (Yes, pun intended). I started a diet last week and gained 3 pounds. Hmmmm….I think my body has oppositional defiance disorder. UGH! OK, I also fell off my shoe last week. Got a new pair of those “step-ups” that are suppose to help trim the legs and rear end. Fell off of them, sprained my ankle and couldn’t take walks like I had planned. I’m a dork. :o)

Choices….I was told I needed to make CHOICES. The choice to feel like crap or the choice to go forward….be strong….get over it and live up to my real potential.  Basically quit feeling sorry for myself – which I have been doing.

That is what I will try to do. It isn’t easy, let me tell you. But I’m going to try!

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