Packing: My Worst Nightmare

Next Friday we will begin moving to our new home! I am so excited. Time for a new beginning for our family! It has been a rough year and this move is going to erase all of that and give us a fresh and POSITIVE start in life!

BUT – before we can get that fresh start we need to pack. Good grief. After looking at all of the junk we have accumulated I am thinking we might qualify for one of those reality shows on TV about hoarding!

Mary Beth has really stepped up to the plate to help out. She has gotten a lot of things packed (even though I look around the house and wonder what the heck she did – just that much stuff). The kitchen is ready to go…the livingroom….I have been assigned my bedroom. Oh yuck! LOL

So – off to pack!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!

Article from the BBR Newsletter about Snicks!

Happy Tails to you…

Join us each month as we feature a happy adoption tale of a BBR dog 


This month we are featuring Snickers, who was adopted by Lisa and Perry Ritchie and family in MN.

“In 2008, our family faced the sudden losses of our beloved Bucksnort (10/23/08) and Bullet #700 (12/6/08), not to forget our foster dog Kirby who went to the bridge just before Christmas of the same George/Hobbsyear. We were heartbroken and feeling rather raw about the addition of another basset to the family. This included a foster dog.
In January 2009 I received a plea for help from a family with a 12 year old female basset. Being the BBR Intake Coordinator for MN, I did the intake and was prepared to get this dog to a foster home. The family was facing the loss of their home resulting from a tragic medical issue. They had actually taken their basset to a vet to be euthanized….who would want a very over weight basset with a huge tumor on her eye? The vet asked them to wait and contact BBR first – which they quickly George/Hobbsdid. After all was said and done my husband and I decided we would take this girl just until “a new foster home became available.”
On February 7, we met the transporter who had brought “Snickers” up to the Minneapolis area for fostering. What a sight she was! She was George/Hobbs95 pounds, wearing a gentle leader since they could not find a collar big enough to get around her neck comfortably with a HUGE mass on her eye lid. With the help of BBR the tumor was successfully removed from her eyelid and she was given a clean bill of health. Each day she began to take another part of our hearts.
We had never owned a female basset before. We’ve always had “our boys” and were very happy with that. Then one day someone approached us asking to adopt her – that is when the bottom fell out. We cried and we held her. How could we give this beautiful girl up? On March 31, 2009 Snickers became a Ritchie and joined the crew with Bosco #514, Bo #946 and Lhasa Apso Bailey. She immediately became a daddy’s girl and was soon seen sporting a pink collar and carrying her pink purse!

Fast forward to Mother’s Day 2009 – May 10, 2009…just 6 weeksGeorge/Hobbs after her adoption. We took Snickers camping with us. We awoke to find she had been sick over night. She was lethargic and not wanting to eat. She was rushed to the vet and when she was weighed we knew there was a huge issue. She had dropped from 95 pounds to 70 pounds within a month. Snickers was diagnosed with diabetes. As of this writing Snickers still struggles with high blood sugar levels. But we love her more than anything and we

Snickers and her Dad.

will work with her everyday to get her diabetes under control. She is such a joy! She makes us smile every morning. She makes us laugh every day.

Snickers has truly made our family more complete! She makes sure the foster dogs know who the boss is….and
then invites them into her pack.
Never will we regret adopting a senior basset. They have so muchGeorge/Hobbs to offer – not only to their people but to the other dogs in the family! We thank BBR every day for the opportunity to have Snickers in our lives!”
~ Lisa Ritchie


Thank you Lisa and your family for adopting Snickers and giving her a forever home full of love.  Also thank you for sharing her story with us. 


Pride Running Amuck

Tonight is Anna’s graduation ceremony! I am so excited and her dad and I are so proud of her! She hit a couple road blocks along the way but she over came them all! Way to go, Anna!

In just a few short weeks Anna is leaving for Basic training with the Army. Hard to believe! I’m going to miss her!!

Here are a couple photos of Anna’s last drill when they were repelling:

Random Ramblings

I have spent the last few weeks reflecting on things. What has happened? What I could have controlled. What I couldn’t control. Interesting, really. And I look at how things are NOW. Some of the changes make me sad. Some make me feel very lonely. Most make me feel uplifted and at peace.

It seems for some people going through cancer (or any other such thing) is just a speed bump that they can bounce over and go forward. I guess I just am not that kind of person. I actually found it to be a detour that did take me some time to get through. Wrap my head around.But I think I’m on the main road of life again. I wish I could be that person that didn’t basically freak out but I did do that a bit. Hey! I’m human and was a little scared!

I am so looking forward to the things coming up!! This is going to be an amazing summer…a season of change for our family in some very positive ways!

To those of you who stuck it out with me I thank you a million times over!


The Mastectomy Poems
12. Epilogue: Nevertheless
Alicia Suskin Ostriker
The Crack in Everything Copyright © 1996 University of
Last Modified: October 20, 2002
The bookbag on my back, I’m out the door.
Winter turns to spring
The way it does, and I buy dresses.
A year later, it gets to where
When they say How are you feeling,
With that anxious look on their faces,
And I start to tell them the latest
About my love life or my kids’ love lives,
Or my vacation or my writer’s block-
It actually takes me a while
To realize what they have in mind-
I’m fine, I say, I’m great, I’m clean.
The bookbag on my back, I have to run.