Random Ramblings

I have spent the last few weeks reflecting on things. What has happened? What I could have controlled. What I couldn’t control. Interesting, really. And I look at how things are NOW. Some of the changes make me sad. Some make me feel very lonely. Most make me feel uplifted and at peace.

It seems for some people going through cancer (or any other such thing) is just a speed bump that they can bounce over and go forward. I guess I just am not that kind of person. I actually found it to be a detour that did take me some time to get through. Wrap my head around.But I think I’m on the main road of life again. I wish I could be that person that didn’t basically freak out but I did do that a bit. Hey! I’m human and was a little scared!

I am so looking forward to the things coming up!! This is going to be an amazing summer…a season of change for our family in some very positive ways!

To those of you who stuck it out with me I thank you a million times over!

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