Changes Are A Comin’

Time for a little revamp on the blog. Things are changing quickly…Anna being in the army (I’m now a PAM Proud Army Mom). Cailin is getting bigger and bigger and life goes on! Patience is a virtue for me right now. I know what I want to do with the blog…just have to do it!

For now you will see there are different links to the “pages” just below the title. Just some new stuff I’m playing with. Keep an eye out and hang tight while I try to figure it all out!

Totally out of my mind

Anna leaves for Basic today. OK, technically tomorrow – but today we drop her off at the hotel and she leaves in the morning. I just walked outside to see her holding her boyfriend close and crying. Crap. My heart is breaking for her – and at the same time being uplifted for her future success. I wish I knew how to feel right now!