1st real update on Anna!

Posted on  1st Battalion 34th Regiment – Always Forward on Facebook (this is the group page for Anna’s Batallion. She is is “C” company known as “Charlie Rock.”

Family and friends of Charlie Rock, this week will be busy to date the Soldiers have completed Victory Tower, TDC, and some CLS training. Today we will conduct day and night land navigation and visit the NBC chamber on Friday.

~ Always Forward 1SG Charlie Rock
Additional info:
TDC Teamwork Development Course – a series of complex tasks Soldiers negotiate as a team. The situations are complex and physically demanding. Soldiers are given minimal guidance and minimal equipment – but have to work together to solve the problem.
CLSCombat Lifesaving Skills
NBC ChamberNuclear, Biological, Chemical Chamber

And she’s off!

Anna sent me a text yesterday letting me know her phone would be but away until she graduates BCT. She was packing and preparing to leave for BCT at 10:00 AM this morning. Kind of scary for me to realize I will not hear from her for quite awhile.But she is o excited – makes it hard for me to feel too down. I do miss her!

She was also very excited about the prospect of facing the Victory Tower this Saturday. Victory Tower is an exercise where recruits must navigate through several obstacles at extreme heights, including climbing and traversing rope ladders and bridges. They must then rappel down a 50-foot wall (back-first, with rope harness). (From Wikipedia)

Victory Tower, Ft. Jackson

Hey! Found some pretty interesting videos I wish I would have found before this! It is a three part series. The first one is about Reception at Ft. Jackson:  Fort Jackson Reception.

Part two:  Fort Jackson Basic Combat Training

Part three:  Fort Jackson AIT

Anna will be sending info regarding her address soon. Once I have that I will certainly share it! I’ve already collected a few silly cards to send to her to brighten her day!

Anna update

I’ve been blessed to be able to communicate daily with Anna. During reception she is still able to have her cell. This is a nice thing (for mom more than her). Sounds like things are going well – but she is very excited to start BCT (Basic Combat Training). She is scheduled to begin that on Monday (Aug 9). Shortly thereafter I will receive information regarding her address so we (and I do me WE) can all send her letters and cards. Apparently some of them get push ups for each letter received. Anna says she isn’t great at push ups so maybe we can do our duty and show our support by sending her A LOT of card! 

I have updated Anna in the Army with a little info as far as BCT. Don’t forget to check it out!