Second Chances

I’ve come to the conclusion that taking the risk at second chances is worth more than not. There is someone in our lives who has not lived up to their potential. Made mistakes. Really hurt us as a family. But the fact is this person will be in our lives forever. Rather than the struggle of remaining angry and suspicious…which has taken a toll on my emotions….I’m going to open up my heart and offer that second chance. Things have been changing for this person. The circumstances surrounding their life seem to have made a positive turn. An effort is being made. Yes, maybe I’ll get hurt again. But maybe not. And that “maybe not” offers a lot of wonderful possibilities for more than just myself. Most of my family is very skeptical and not willing to “let it go.” I’m tired of the fatigue that comes with not trusting and finding reasons to be angry. Resurrecting all the past incidents that hurt just to fuel that negativity. Too many good things happening in my life to have one thing hang that black cloud over it all.

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