Thanksgiving 2010

What a great day! Perry, Mary Beth, Cailin and Myself spent the day at Aunt Rita’s house. We were joined by her boyfriend, Don, as well as Lisa and Joe. David was home resting up between shifts at Target and Anna was in South Carolina. We sure did miss her! Dinner was spectacular, as usual. Ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit salad, buns and nummy pumpkin pie!  Here are some photos from our family dinner. Just click the photos below to see the rest of the album.

She’s coming home!

Woo hooo! Anna got her plane tickets home for Christmas Exodus today! What is Christmas Exodus you ask? Simply put, it is the break for the Holidays for those Soldiers in training (vs. those already assigned to a unit). She will leave Fort Jackson early on the 17th of December and take a bus to Atlanta. Its about a 5 hour trip. She will then take a flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis – arriving sometime around 11:00 PM that same night.

Anna will return sometime on the 3rd (I think) of January. I was actually kind of hoping it was the 2nd because we could take her to the airport.

She will graduate AIT on January 31st. Her MOS is 27D which is a legal specialist. She found out she will be stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. She is pretty excited. It is very close to the ocean and she has never seen that before.


2 simple words that express a million thoughts.

Sunrise – the 2 year old foster pup, GiGi, who has been placed in our home. She looks for safety and security for the first time in her life. She is timid. She has definite favorites (and I am not necessarily one of them). I watch her bouncing around our backyard – so obviously filled with glee at the prospect of her freedom to just “be” – nothing more expected of her. She carries a yellow rubber duck everywhere she goes – a gift from our 10 month old grand daughter who felt it more important to share than to fight this incredibly loving basset for ownership. Truth be told, GiGi brings it back to the baby more often than not. Her way to share and show her thanks I would think.

Sunset – can be expressed in 1 not-so-simple word: Snickers. This old lady basset has been with us for only a couple years. A gift, we think, from our beloved Bucksnort who has gone to the bridge. Bucksnort holds a very huge part of my heart (and my shoulder where he is permanently tattooed). When Snick came to us she was full of energy. Into everything, especially food related. She was a big girl – literally. Weighing in at a mere 95 pounds…all of it nothing less than love.

Over time she has been diagnosed with diabetes. She has lost weight and is down to 60 pounds. Her vision is gone because of cataracts. She no longer plays. Instead, she struggles to find a place to lay comfortably. Just this afternoon I watched her cry in the backyard – as GiGi ran circles around her – because she couldn’t find her way back to the door. My strong, determined girl was lost in the yard she once knew so well. Bosco seemed to understand and kept running from her to the door – trying to lead her back.

My heart is broken. I know she still has some time with us – but it just isn’t the same. Her sun is setting. She is often still. Too often quiet.

And then she does something silly like taking every cushion off each couch and chair in the livingroom looking for a forgotten morsel of food. Who needs to see? Just kick up that smeller and away she goes!

It is inevitable – sunrise and sunset. Can’t avoid it. Can’t skip it. Just have to sit back and appreciate what each has to offer.

Moving Forward

A bit if time has passed since my last posting. Life has been busy and that is just AOK.

Anna is doing well. AIT (Advanced Individualized Training) has begun so in about 12 weeks and 3 days (not adding in her 2 weeks Christmas leave) she will be a legal specialist for the US Army! She is still at Fort Jackson and I think it comforts her a bit to be in familiar surroundings. If anyone wants her address just email me and I will get it for you. She really is looking forward to getting mail. Even though she can text and call she misses having letters from friends and family to read.

Quite the reality check when we start hearing about some of the Soldiers who graduated from BCT at the same time she did getting their deployment orders. Part of me thinks “already?” And another part of me fills with dread and fear for the ones we know are going over seas. In reality, no matter what the MOS they are all there to protect our country and are ready to go where told to. Its just hard for a mom to think about.

I want to also introduce you to our newest foster dog, Gi Gi! She is a Basset mix – ok, so some will say she is a “designer” breed. At least that is what the woman called her and about 199 other dogs that were taken from her property in Scranton, SD by the Humane Society at the beginning of October when she lost her home…leaving said 200 dogs also homeless. At the risk of going overboard I am not going get up my soapbox about this type of “breeder.” Right now I have a hound in need of some tlc.

Although it is hard to see – GiGi has a rather significant cherry eye on her left as well as a blue tinged globe. The cherry eye will be fixed. GiGi is a little less than 30 pounds, which is hard to also see in this photo. The vet feels she is probably mixed with Dachshund. GiGi is very timid – possibly from a lack of human contact. Her house training skills have a bit of room for improvement. She adores Perry and Cailin and gets along wonderfully with our dogs. That is all good news. She has come a long way in the last week since she arrived in our home. I’m wondering if Perry will be able to give up his little girl when she finds her perfect forever home?  

If you or anyone you know might be interested in a special hound like GiGi BBR has 12 more of them looking for forever homes! Check them out here!