2 simple words that express a million thoughts.

Sunrise – the 2 year old foster pup, GiGi, who has been placed in our home. She looks for safety and security for the first time in her life. She is timid. She has definite favorites (and I am not necessarily one of them). I watch her bouncing around our backyard – so obviously filled with glee at the prospect of her freedom to just “be” – nothing more expected of her. She carries a yellow rubber duck everywhere she goes – a gift from our 10 month old grand daughter who felt it more important to share than to fight this incredibly loving basset for ownership. Truth be told, GiGi brings it back to the baby more often than not. Her way to share and show her thanks I would think.

Sunset – can be expressed in 1 not-so-simple word: Snickers. This old lady basset has been with us for only a couple years. A gift, we think, from our beloved Bucksnort who has gone to the bridge. Bucksnort holds a very huge part of my heart (and my shoulder where he is permanently tattooed). When Snick came to us she was full of energy. Into everything, especially food related. She was a big girl – literally. Weighing in at a mere 95 pounds…all of it nothing less than love.

Over time she has been diagnosed with diabetes. She has lost weight and is down to 60 pounds. Her vision is gone because of cataracts. She no longer plays. Instead, she struggles to find a place to lay comfortably. Just this afternoon I watched her cry in the backyard – as GiGi ran circles around her – because she couldn’t find her way back to the door. My strong, determined girl was lost in the yard she once knew so well. Bosco seemed to understand and kept running from her to the door – trying to lead her back.

My heart is broken. I know she still has some time with us – but it just isn’t the same. Her sun is setting. She is often still. Too often quiet.

And then she does something silly like taking every cushion off each couch and chair in the livingroom looking for a forgotten morsel of food. Who needs to see? Just kick up that smeller and away she goes!

It is inevitable – sunrise and sunset. Can’t avoid it. Can’t skip it. Just have to sit back and appreciate what each has to offer.

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