She’s coming home!

Woo hooo! Anna got her plane tickets home for Christmas Exodus today! What is Christmas Exodus you ask? Simply put, it is the break for the Holidays for those Soldiers in training (vs. those already assigned to a unit). She will leave Fort Jackson early on the 17th of December and take a bus to Atlanta. Its about a 5 hour trip. She will then take a flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis – arriving sometime around 11:00 PM that same night.

Anna will return sometime on the 3rd (I think) of January. I was actually kind of hoping it was the 2nd because we could take her to the airport.

She will graduate AIT on January 31st. Her MOS is 27D which is a legal specialist. She found out she will be stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. She is pretty excited. It is very close to the ocean and she has never seen that before.

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