Gigi goes home

Since mid November (2010) we had the honor of fostering Gigi. She is a basset (?) mix rescued by Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.  and the Central Dakota Humane Society.

This news article details the rescue of 200 dogs after their “owner” was evicted from the farmsted she rented – leaving all of the dogs abandoned without adequate food or water.

Gigi was a mess when she came to us. Afraid of her own shadow. Afraid of the leaves falling from the trees. Afraid of the sound of the telephone ringing. Afraid of the television. Her instinct was to run and find safety. Thankfully she bonded to Perry. It took her nearly a month to finally become comfortable enough with me to stay in the same room without barking and growling. In fact, her barking and growling soon turned into a game and over time we watched this frightened creature slowly begin to become a dog learning how to play, trust and relax.

One fear was never finding the perfect family to adopt her. How long would she be with us? We really weren’t in the market to adopt another dog. Thankfully we did find that perfect family and today we met them at the PetCo store in Eau Claire, WI. It was absolutely heartwarming to watch her shyly investigate this new family. Gigi was always wonderful with other dogs so we knew meeting her new basset “cousins” wouldn’t be a problem. It was hard for me to watch her pleading eyes watch Perry as he walked away. I could see her anxiety level begin to climb and at that moment I felt that it would be best if I left as well. No matter what it is hard to say good bye.  We did really love her. She was fantastic with Cailin! She was the silliest little character….but we know in the big picture adopting another dog right now isn’t the right plan. She is where she needs to be. And that is what makes the little heart ache worth it.

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