Oncologist Visit

I saw Dr. Garino yesterday (January 26). It had only been 7 months. Yes, I know! I know! Far too long to wait in between visits but alas, it is what it is! And, to be honest, I was just feeling a bit off-kilter about things and needed a break.

Things are fine. She did notice right off that I have some lymphedema in my left arm. Lymphedema is a blockage of the lymphatic system. Basically the lymph fluids collect and do not drain appropriately. Because I had lymph nodes removed this can happen. I’ll be going to Sister Kenny Institute for some rehab. Should prove to be interesting!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had osteopenia. That is when the bone density is lower than normal but not quite to the point of osteoperosis (so…I’m not as dense as I thought). The Arimidex I am on (treatment for breast cancer) is known to decrease bone density and I’ve been menopausal for 10 years which also doesn’t help. We considered the use of meds to help increase the density but have decided to wait a ear. I will be taking the vitamin D as well as Calcium supplements. Exercise is also a HUGE help. And not smoking. So….we
ll see what I can take care of on my own before adding one more drug to the mix.

Other than that is seems all is AOK! I’ll be seeing Dr. G again in 4 months (a compromise between her 3 months and my 7). I’ll post about the lymphedema treatments in February!

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