Big Decision In The Making

Over the last few weeks I have had this very aggravating head ache. It is centered in the back of my head….almost as if you could draw a line from ear to ear. Went to the doctor who diagnosed a sinus infection. The antibiotics did indeed help! At least it cleared up the sinus infection.

But that pain in the back of my head was still lurking. So he suggested an MRI considering “my history.” Yeah, but no thanks. I’m relatively sure it is NOT a brain tumor… a  subdural hematoma or anything else creepy like that.

I became my own medical detective. Was it my new glasses? No comments from the peanut gallery but they ARE bifocals. I wore my old glasses for a week and the head ache didn’t change. NOT the glasses.

Next thought…is it my prosthetic breasts? Did a few days without them (and let me tell you, it was NOT a fun experience for me at work) and I realized the head ache slowly went away. Interesting. Turns out the darned things are putting pressure in all the wrong places triggering shoulder and neck issues. It has been related to a woman who has breasts that are too large. Great. And they are even two sizes smaller than the original equipment.

Long story shortened….on April 5th I will be seeing a plastic surgeon to talk about reconstruction. I’m not going to get into all the psych reasons this will be a good thing. Let me just say this….as a women – how would you feel realizing you have no breasts or anything else that physically makes you a woman? Reminder….hysterectomy.

Back to the story. It’s time. I need to really heal in some way and this is indeed a piece of the puzzle. Gaining back some of my identity – as a woman. Riding myself from the constant pain. OK, so it isn’t that bad compared to what some go through but in MY reality it just plain sucks. 

More to come. The saga continues…..I just want, no NEED to feel a little more whole again.

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