Monterey Chicken Tortilla Recipe

Monterey Cheddar Chicken

This is going to be a family favorite! Everyone enjoyed it when made for the first time. It is quick and easy so a recipe right up my alley! The following would be for a 1 quart (or 9×9) casserole/dish. I double it for my family. Serve with rice!

2 cans of chunked chicken or turkey

  • I used 2 boneless chicken breasts cut into bite sized chunks. I then cooked them on the stove top in a little lime juice. Be careful to not overcook or the chicken will dry out.
Tortilla Chips

  • Any kind can be used. I used Tostidos Brand “Hint of Cracked Pepper.”
1 can cream corn
1 can Black beans, drained
3/4 cup Picante Sauce/chunky Salsa
1 can sliced black olives, drained
1 cup cheddar cheese
fresh tomatoes, chopped
Green or  Red Peppers, chopped
Shredded lettuce
Sour cream

Layer crumbled chips (enough to cover the bottom), chicken, cream corn, drained black beans Picante Sauce (or salsa), olives and cheddar cheese in a 1 quart dish. (I used a cake pan when doubling). Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. Allow a few minutes to cool. Serve with fresh tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and/or sour cream. 

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