This is the new food “pyramid.” Thanks to Anna for telling me about it. She been a wealth of information in assisting me with my eating healthier goal. I started Weight Watchers (and a HUGE shout out to Sally S for this) and the PointsPlus system is amazing! Its so nice to wonder which yogurt to chose….all I have to do it get onto the Weight Watchers app on my phone and compare brands. 
Back to the “My Plate” deal. Doesn’t it make more sense when you can see it like this? I mean I can identify with a PLATE a little more than a pyramid. 
But my question is…why is it more expense to eat healthier than it is to eat quick and rotten? No wonder so many people (kids included) are over weight and generally unhealthy. 
Off to calculate points for the picnic we are going to! I’m bringing fruit to share…its all ZERO points!

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