Trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Cailin

Today we took Cailin to Berry Hill Farm for what we hope to be turns into our annual pumpkin hunt! What a wonderful place Berry Hill Farm is…a hidden jewel in Ramsey, MN. It was a fairly decent day. in the mid 50s but it was pretty breezy. Sure didn’t dampen our spirits.

First thing we did was took the tractor ride! Cailin loved the bumpy ride through the fields and into the woods. She loved the scarecrows and tree people we saw along the way.

Of course we had to go on a treasure hunt in the maze! We wandered through looking for the golden nugget!

The farm animals were the next stop! Cailin loved the baby pigs and goats. I happened to have a preference for the camel and llama. The llama was very cuddly! The tongue in the ear wasn’t something I was prepared for…..

Of course we also got to pick our own pumpkins! Some were a bit too big for Cailin. Some were just right!

Good bye Berry Hill Farm! We’ll be back next year!

Perfect Evening

Not many things can make for a better way to spend the evening.  Cailin and I are the only ones home. We’re both tucked in under the covers. After nibbling on Fig Newtons and watching some TV she snores quietly next to me. This is the life … geez I love being a grandma!

Joey Update

I wasn’t the only one in the hospital at the end of September. Joey was admitted for “Failure to Thrive” (FTT).

Joey was born on August 6 weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces. Over the following few weeks Mary Beth had been struggling to get him to take his formula consistently. Twice he was taken to the hospital for dehydration not to mention the numerous trips to the clinic. Each time “nothing” was found to be wrong with the exception of possible gastric reflux. He was prescribed various meds with the final one being Prevacid.

On Friday, September 16, Joey was seen at the clinic for his second time having Thrush. He was seen by a general practitioner and not his usual pediatrician. This doctor was extremely worried that at 6 weeks of age Joey had only gained 4 ounces. On Thursday, September 22, Joey was admitted to the hospital after some of his blood work came back with concerning results.

Once at the hospital it took a full 24 hours for Joey to start taking the bottle consistently. Up to this point he would take an ounce and then be done. After some very careful observations by dedicated nurses and doctors it was determined that his jaw was a bit on the small side. They tried various types of nipples until one was found to work for him. Once he became more comfortable with the size and shape of the nipple he began to take his bottle like a pro. His formula was also changed until they found one that didn’t seem to make the gastric reflux worse.

Joey is now a healthy 10 pounds 1 ounce … just where he should be!

A Stumble on the Road to Recovery

I found myself back in the hospital on Friday, September 23rd. The previous few days I had not been feeling well and saw my family doctor on the Wednesday before. All symptoms pointed to an upper respiratory/sinus infection and the antibiotics seemed to be relieving the symptoms by Thursday afternoon. I was ready to get back to work the next day.

Friday morning came with a shock – the lower half of my left breast (the one with only a tissue expander) was swollen, flame red and hot to the touch. The surgeon’s office got me in right away and once the doc saw it (and by now it had spread) I was sent to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

I was really heart broken to find out that the infection had progressed to the point where the antibiotics alone would not work and only by removing the tissue expander would the issue be resolved. At 6:00 PM I underwent a surgery to remove the tissue expander with debridement of the area. By Saturday afternoon I was released and sent home with strict orders to rest.

It was really hard for me to realize that I would be starting the reconstruction process all over again on that side. There was light at the end of the tunnel to my recovery and now it dimmed a bit.

Amazing how a person can seemingly look past what really matters sometimes. I know I should be grateful that the infection was stopped. I should be grateful it didn’t spread to the right side. I should be grateful it didn’t go systemic…and I am grateful! I really am! But I’m also tired of being lopsided.