A Stumble on the Road to Recovery

I found myself back in the hospital on Friday, September 23rd. The previous few days I had not been feeling well and saw my family doctor on the Wednesday before. All symptoms pointed to an upper respiratory/sinus infection and the antibiotics seemed to be relieving the symptoms by Thursday afternoon. I was ready to get back to work the next day.

Friday morning came with a shock – the lower half of my left breast (the one with only a tissue expander) was swollen, flame red and hot to the touch. The surgeon’s office got me in right away and once the doc saw it (and by now it had spread) I was sent to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

I was really heart broken to find out that the infection had progressed to the point where the antibiotics alone would not work and only by removing the tissue expander would the issue be resolved. At 6:00 PM I underwent a surgery to remove the tissue expander with debridement of the area. By Saturday afternoon I was released and sent home with strict orders to rest.

It was really hard for me to realize that I would be starting the reconstruction process all over again on that side. There was light at the end of the tunnel to my recovery and now it dimmed a bit.

Amazing how a person can seemingly look past what really matters sometimes. I know I should be grateful that the infection was stopped. I should be grateful it didn’t spread to the right side. I should be grateful it didn’t go systemic…and I am grateful! I really am! But I’m also tired of being lopsided.

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