Gracie is a graduate

For the last 10 weeks Gracie and I have been going to school. We’ve spent our Saturday mornings at C & E Dog Training school under the tutelage of Ed Pheifer.

This morning started a bit uncertain. As we warmed up by heeling around the ring we noticed she was limping. After careful (and expert) examination it was determined Gracie needed a relaxing massage. She was in doggie heaven! Almost sure we heard her snoring. Up and around the ring we went and we were black flagged…back to the pit for another look.

In the end Gracie was a post for the figure-8 excersize (she does do a darned good down-stay) and then did her best for her graduation requirements…and in the end she was presented with her certificate of completion!

Good girl Gracie!


Now for a little extra quiet time to let her shoulder heal up a bit.