Catching up

Its been awhile since I last posted. Mostly for good reasons! Its been busy busy busy here “At Wits’ End!”

Health wise I am doing very well! Just had an epidural steroid injection into the lumbar region of my back. Although I was a bit freaked out by the thought of them sticking a needle into my spine it ended up being a breeze! It typically takes up to 2 weeks for the full effect of reducing the herniated disc’s inflammation and pain relief, but I was surprised to have a great deal of relief the next day!

The grandbabies are doing wonderfully! Cailin loves her little brother Joey! No doubt about that!

Of course the hounds are thriving and, in fact, retain control of the house. We don’t let them know that…but we humans know the truth. Here Bones and Gracie cuddle for a mid morning nap. If you want to keep with with the hounds make sure to check out MnHoundage…Tails of Bones & Gracie.

Anna and hubby JT came home for a visit in February. After living in Savannah, GA, they both really missed the snow. As luck would have it the snow came just in time for their arrival! Here they are building a snow fort with Cailin.

More to come…Soon!

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