Playing in the sun

One thing I love about having Fridays off from work this summer is being able to play with the grandkids more. This morning I found a silly SpongeBob Square Pants sprinkler on clearance. Cailin loves SpongeBob. 
Frankly, SpongeBob freaks me out. Especially as it spews water from it’s head. But I digress…
Cailin is not a fan of running through the sprinkler. She has sprinkler day at school and is satisfied to sit on the playground observing the dare devils of the class risk life and limb running through the water. I thought maybe this would get her to be a bit more accepting of it.
This is as good as it got. I did grab her and run through but the kicking and screaming made me think she wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was. Maybe tomorrow…But the bubbles? HUGE hit. She loves bubbles and loves chasing them around.

And please do not accuse me of trying to blow the bubbles in the direction of the sprinkler…she caught on to that. Besides, bubbles don’t stay bubbled once it hits the water. Go figure.

And once the fun was over it was time for Cailin to take a nap.
OK – just kidding. And, for the record…she did that to herself and Gracie. Should have seen it a minute before when Bones was with her in the crate as well! 

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