Family Night Fun

Anna is deploying to Afghanistan sometime in December so she has been home on leave for a couple weeks. Perry’s home time (all three days of it) was just this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Friday afternoon we decided to make it family night and spend some time together as a family doing something FUN and new. We packed up the grandkids and headed to the Mall of America to explore SEA LIFE Minnesota. What an amazing place to visit! 

Joey and Cailin and ready to go
Papa and Joey checking out the ray tank
Jelly fish
Jelly fish
Jelly fish (Anna liked the jelly fish)
Here is a video of a couple of turtles…the larger is chasing the smaller one and the smaller looks a bit irritated. The lighting is minimal – no flash/lit photography allowed in the aquarium. 
After spending a nice amount of time admiring the creatures in the aquarium we headed to Rainforest Cafe for a fun dinner!

After dinner Perry took Mary Beth and the kids home (it was getting late and they were getting tired) and Anna and I spent some time shopping. Probably the funnest night I have had in a very long time!