Boscorelli Bernard

On a cold January day in 2004 we were asked by Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc., to take a trip to Durand, WI, to pick up a stray Basset at the Humane Society. We got their and found a very skinny (as in 36 pounds skinny) black and white basset hound mix. As time went on it seemed he was a German Short Hair Pointer mix. They had named him Bernie. They had treated him for the worst case of worms they had ever seen. Our job was to transport him to his new foster home. He never left our house because as soon as he got into the van we knew he was home.

He was renamed Boscorelli (after the character on Third Watch) Bernard….but his friends called him Bosco. He became Anna’s protector. He adored her! He was the nanny to all of the fosters that came and went from the house. It didn’t matter how old or how young – Bosco was there to take care of them. He was quiet and peaceful. Really, it was almost easy to forget him because he just melted into the surroundings….but then again, it was HE who gave us all a sense of peace and serenity.

November 2012 came along and I noticed he didn’t seem to be feeling well. Figuring it might be his age (he was almost 12) I kept an eye on him and finally  took him to see the vet when he skipped a couple meals. Turns out he had Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. But why? Within the week that question was answered. And it devastated us all.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, I rushed Bosco to the vet when I noticed his abdomen had become alarmingly distended. After x-rays we found our answer: Hemangiosarcoma. Same thing our Bucksnort died from.

I looked at my Bosco laying on the x-ray table. Only attempting to wag his tail when when I softly whispered his name. It was time. We spent some time talking, Bosco and I. He nuzzled into my shoulder as I told him how much we loved him. How he wasn’t going to feel so crappy much longer. That he could stop being brave. He sighed and closed his eyes. That was his cue that he wanted to be set free. So Dr. Audrey and Kelly helped him take his journey to the bridge as he lay in my arms…my face pressed against his. He looked me in the eye suddenly and the old Bosco we knew before he got sick was there. Just for a brief moment. And then he was gone. Playing with his brothers and sister an d friends at the bridge.

I love you Bosco.

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