4 Crochet Projects

I’ve started a couple different crochet projects. Actually, I have 4 going at once. Yes, it may seem to be a bit “much,” but once I lay things out to you it will become apparent it kind of makes sense! Let’s also consider the fact that I have some time to get these particular projects done!

The first 2 are baby blankets. These are made “in the round” and a design I had not previously tried. I love it! It is so easy and the possibilities for future projects are endless! I have a lot of color schemes in mind but for now am sticking with the traditional baby blanket colors. Here is the first one about a third of the way done (the other is done through the second white ring):

photo (2)


The darker blue will be followed by lemon, peach and pink. Watch for updates!

Project number three is a striped pattern using the yarn left over from the baby blankets and any other solid color I happen to have stuffed in the closet. So far only two stripes done but I think you get the idea.



This is a really quick pattern and is fun to do!

The finally (and most exhausting to even consider) project is the COLOR BOMB. Let the photo begin the explaination:

photo (1)


This pile of granny squares will eventually become a 65″x 65″ blanket. The smaller squares measure approximately 2″ x 2″ and the larger being 4″ squares. I will need a little over 1,000 squares in all. I’m using the left over yarn from the striped afghan. Once done the squares will be sewn together to make a glorious color bomb!!!

You now see how they all tie in together! I’m excited about all 4 of these projects so watch for updates!

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