Great Night for a Walk

Springbrook Nature Center is a place I love to go walking through. Its 127 acres virtually in the middle of a pretty developed area including industrial, commercial and the railroad. Even so it is blissfully quiet and a chunk of heaven.

In 1986 a tornado spent 16 minutes ravaging the nature center. Even today you can still see some of the destruction.

Today presented an amazing opportunity to go exploring the nature center. The snow is finally gone (for the most part) and love is in the air…as you will see


As time goes on I will share with you the photos of the passing of the seasons. Enjoy some of the wonderful sights we got to see!













Not too long ago I turned 50. It didn’t scare me or depress me. It actually energized me and got me off my butt! I work with amazing group of people. I say this not only for the unbelievable professional support but for the personal as well! One of my c0-workers is now my Health Coach. She is not pushy, something I shy away from. She leads by example and is uplifting. Makes waking up each morning exciting because I know I am making positive changes in my life. To date I have lost 12 pounds!

Last weekend I didn’t do our traditional new recipe because Perry and I were at a food prep party.

Food Prep Sunday Complete! Ground Turkey, Chicken Breasts, Pork Loin, Wild Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Almonds. . .And Tons Of Veggies In The Freezer – All Portioned Out.


This makes it so much easier to face the week ahead and not to have to worry about measuring and weighing….yesterday our little group met up at Healthy Vibe where Amy (our Health Coach) ran our numbers and helped us refine and understand out dietary needs. We also had the most DELICIOUS health shakes! I had a Carmel Mocha Latte and Perry had White Chocolate Reeses. Totally amazing!

I also love the fact that we can be transparent and accepting of not only our steps forward but also those trips along the way.

Last night I made a Quinoa Lentil Chicken dish. I was a little nervous about Perry’s reaction. He is a die hard meat and potatoes guy. Know what? He liked it! No worries! The recipe will be coming soon,

Have a healthy day everyone!