The Journey Begins

June 30 was the official last day of my full-time employment at OP. I am now “on-call.” I like “on-call.” I can still have some hints at what the folks I grew to care about are up to.

Perry and I now live in Racine, MN.  Population of 476 (OK, so now 478). 0.67 square miles of peace and quiet and good people.

As of right now we are living in the lodge (a.k.a. travel trailer) on the farm. The purchase of the house is moving into is in the final stages so its just a matter of waiting.

What are we up to?

Perry and Wingnut

Perry has been keeping busy mowing and general doing “guy stuff” with his side kick Wingnut.



I’ve had puppy duty! Ch. Rabbit Run Angelina had 2 pups and I’ve had the honor of watching them grow.



The farm has a visitor. Gertie (mini donkey) arrived and is currently hanging out with Trigger (mini pony). Love is in the air!





The horses. Always in need of some scritches and scratches behind the ears.


Ruth, Oscar, Julius, Summer, Mariah, Toby, Major, Lady and the yearling.
Ruth, Oscar, Julius, Summer, Mariah, Toby, Major, Lady and the yearling.


Gardening. I’m not a total fan of weeding. Planting is fun. Weeding not so much. But the harvest and afterward! THAT’S what its all about. Canning and freezing so we can enjoy some fresh veggies once winter is upon us. The farm hosts an amazing garden!



Potato plant

In a nutshell Perry and I are in a holding pattern waiting until we can move into the house. But we aren’t complaining. Its easy to keep busy on the farm. Not to mention the good company we get to share. Until next time…enjoy some random scenes…