Easter is always a favorite time for me. We were blessed to have the whole family together this year.

The Easter Bunny visited Cailin and Joey. They had fun searching through the house looking for their baskets!
Cailin modeling her Easter dress

Joey and Cailin had a blast with the Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice to see them making sure each other found the same amount. I have some very fond memories of egg hunts when I was a kid! I hope my kids and grandkids have the same memories to smile about.

Seems JT likes the chickens…as long as they are in the coop!



And of course sweet Addie. She makes us all smile! Joey and Cailin adore their baby cousin. Its going to be fun having them grow up together.

We hope you all had a blessed Easter with your family!

A Boy and His Papa

There was a day our granddaughter wasn’t feeling well and needed a little quiet to rest. We took Joey, age 4, with us for the day.

Climbing the corn bin to get treats for the horses.


Wingnut loves to hang around with Joe.




Joe and Wingnut playing fetch with the ear of corn.


Climbing in the hay mow helping Papa pull bales for the horses.


20160228_095009 (1)
Supervising as Papa feeds Bubba


A quick trip to Walmart where Joey took a trip on the Flinstone’s car


A boy and his papa heading home after a long day
A Horse Named Bubba

A Horse Named Bubba

One day I saw this




This is the ad from a¬†¬†local group of rescuers who re-home horses that are bound for slaughter. Yes, they do that. No, I won’t even say anything more.

I kept looking at him and looking at him. And I looked more. Because it was urgent that he be rescued “bail was being” collected to offset the price and I jumped at the deal.

On February 11 we brought home the newest member of the family – Bubba.



See the van in the background? That’s how we brought him home. He fit perfectly and it was easier than using the horse trailer. Mostly. Let’s just say there was a moment of “oh crap” when we heard the van doors lock after shutting the van doors behind him. Yes – I had a 2 year old stallion locked in my van. By himself.


So Bubba is home. He’s doing well. Cailin and Joe adore him and he thinks they aren’t so bad themselves.