A Horse Named Bubba

One day I saw this




This is the ad from a  local group of rescuers who re-home horses that are bound for slaughter. Yes, they do that. No, I won’t even say anything more.

I kept looking at him and looking at him. And I looked more. Because it was urgent that he be rescued “bail was being” collected to offset the price and I jumped at the deal.

On February 11 we brought home the newest member of the family – Bubba.



See the van in the background? That’s how we brought him home. He fit perfectly and it was easier than using the horse trailer. Mostly. Let’s just say there was a moment of “oh crap” when we heard the van doors lock after shutting the van doors behind him. Yes – I had a 2 year old stallion locked in my van. By himself.


So Bubba is home. He’s doing well. Cailin and Joe adore him and he thinks they aren’t so bad themselves.


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