Chickens – Part 1

Chickens – Part 1

So we decided to have chickens. There is nothing better than fresh eggs! It will be a good experience for the grandkids. In a few weeks we will be getting one day old chicks. They come in the mail. Yes – the mail. After they have some time to grow and mature we will be able to put them in the coop and chicken yard.

This is Flash. We think he is a rooster. Time will tell! He is a Partridge Cochin.

Perry has been working on the chicken yard. We’ll also have a larger coop built in time for the next set of chickens at the end of May.

The big coop will be going next to the smaller one. We have it on the side of the Quonset that will block the wind and snow the most. Most of the chicken yard will be covered to protect them from predators in the area.


This is the neighbor cat who was assisting Perry – with what I’m not sure….


You can see Flash on the left and his lady friend is Elsa. Elsa is an Araucana and lays blue/green eggs.


On the first morning after introducing Elsa to the coop we found our first egg!


By the way, Joey insists he was not eating the Cool-Whip

More chicken fun to come…..