Chickens – Part 1

Chickens – Part 1

So we decided to have chickens. There is nothing better than fresh eggs! It will be a good experience for the grandkids. In a few weeks we will be getting one day old chicks. They come in the mail. Yes – the mail. After they have some time to grow and mature we will be able to put them in the coop and chicken yard.

This is Flash. We think he is a rooster. Time will tell! He is a Partridge Cochin.

Perry has been working on the chicken yard. We’ll also have a larger coop built in time for the next set of chickens at the end of May.

The big coop will be going next to the smaller one. We have it on the side of the Quonset that will block the wind and snow the most. Most of the chicken yard will be covered to protect them from predators in the area.


This is the neighbor cat who was assisting Perry – with what I’m not sure….


You can see Flash on the left and his lady friend is Elsa. Elsa is an Araucana and lays blue/green eggs.


On the first morning after introducing Elsa to the coop we found our first egg!


By the way, Joey insists he was not eating the Cool-Whip

More chicken fun to come…..


Easter is always a favorite time for me. We were blessed to have the whole family together this year.

The Easter Bunny visited Cailin and Joey. They had fun searching through the house looking for their baskets!
Cailin modeling her Easter dress

Joey and Cailin had a blast with the Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice to see them making sure each other found the same amount. I have some very fond memories of egg hunts when I was a kid! I hope my kids and grandkids have the same memories to smile about.

Seems JT likes the chickens…as long as they are in the coop!



And of course sweet Addie. She makes us all smile! Joey and Cailin adore their baby cousin. Its going to be fun having them grow up together.

We hope you all had a blessed Easter with your family!

A Boy and His Papa

There was a day our granddaughter wasn’t feeling well and needed a little quiet to rest. We took Joey, age 4, with us for the day.

Climbing the corn bin to get treats for the horses.


Wingnut loves to hang around with Joe.




Joe and Wingnut playing fetch with the ear of corn.


Climbing in the hay mow helping Papa pull bales for the horses.


20160228_095009 (1)
Supervising as Papa feeds Bubba


A quick trip to Walmart where Joey took a trip on the Flinstone’s car


A boy and his papa heading home after a long day

The Journey Begins

June 30 was the official last day of my full-time employment at OP. I am now “on-call.” I like “on-call.” I can still have some hints at what the folks I grew to care about are up to.

Perry and I now live in Racine, MN.  Population of 476 (OK, so now 478). 0.67 square miles of peace and quiet and good people.

As of right now we are living in the lodge (a.k.a. travel trailer) on the farm. The purchase of the house is moving into is in the final stages so its just a matter of waiting.

What are we up to?

Perry and Wingnut

Perry has been keeping busy mowing and general doing “guy stuff” with his side kick Wingnut.



I’ve had puppy duty! Ch. Rabbit Run Angelina had 2 pups and I’ve had the honor of watching them grow.



The farm has a visitor. Gertie (mini donkey) arrived and is currently hanging out with Trigger (mini pony). Love is in the air!





The horses. Always in need of some scritches and scratches behind the ears.


Ruth, Oscar, Julius, Summer, Mariah, Toby, Major, Lady and the yearling.
Ruth, Oscar, Julius, Summer, Mariah, Toby, Major, Lady and the yearling.


Gardening. I’m not a total fan of weeding. Planting is fun. Weeding not so much. But the harvest and afterward! THAT’S what its all about. Canning and freezing so we can enjoy some fresh veggies once winter is upon us. The farm hosts an amazing garden!



Potato plant

In a nutshell Perry and I are in a holding pattern waiting until we can move into the house. But we aren’t complaining. Its easy to keep busy on the farm. Not to mention the good company we get to share. Until next time…enjoy some random scenes…





Not too long ago I turned 50. It didn’t scare me or depress me. It actually energized me and got me off my butt! I work with amazing group of people. I say this not only for the unbelievable professional support but for the personal as well! One of my c0-workers is now my Health Coach. She is not pushy, something I shy away from. She leads by example and is uplifting. Makes waking up each morning exciting because I know I am making positive changes in my life. To date I have lost 12 pounds!

Last weekend I didn’t do our traditional new recipe because Perry and I were at a food prep party.

Food Prep Sunday Complete! Ground Turkey, Chicken Breasts, Pork Loin, Wild Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Almonds. . .And Tons Of Veggies In The Freezer – All Portioned Out.


This makes it so much easier to face the week ahead and not to have to worry about measuring and weighing….yesterday our little group met up at Healthy Vibe where Amy (our Health Coach) ran our numbers and helped us refine and understand out dietary needs. We also had the most DELICIOUS health shakes! I had a Carmel Mocha Latte and Perry had White Chocolate Reeses. Totally amazing!

I also love the fact that we can be transparent and accepting of not only our steps forward but also those trips along the way.

Last night I made a Quinoa Lentil Chicken dish. I was a little nervous about Perry’s reaction. He is a die hard meat and potatoes guy. Know what? He liked it! No worries! The recipe will be coming soon,

Have a healthy day everyone!


Chicken Noodle Sunday


Its an amazing day…a bit on the cool side. OK, so maybe -23 degrees at 1:00pm isn’t considered balmy, but I’m in the house and it is sunny so easy enough to fool one into believing it is a near spring-like day The dogs are a little more in tune with reality.


Today is the first race of the NASCAR season! The All American Race Daytona 500! Love watching the race! Go Junior!! Perfect time for me to sit and watch the race and work on my latest crochet project. This is my version of the Tri-Color Afghan for the upcoming Spring Into Summer for BBR fundraising event. Dog hair included.


Joey was pretty fascinated with the race. He had never really seen one and loved spending time with Papa watching it.


As tradition dictates it is also the day to try new recipes. Today its homemade Chicken and Noodles. I will throw out the recipe in a bit once its done. I’m inspired by a number of people when I cook: Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) is one of them. The dinner I am making today is a version of her recipe for Homemade Chicken and Noodles. You have got to browse her recipes. I love her down-home style cooking, her writing style and her Basset Hound Charlie! Anyway, the finished product was delicious!!

2015-02-22 20.07.50

Until next time – stay warm and hug your hounds!


Sleep over!

On Saturday afternoon the grandkids came over for a sleep over. 

Cailin (who is turning 5 in December) loves helping Papa do the dishes. She’s become pretty handy with the scrubbies! 

Joey is more into arguing with Siri on Grandma’s iPad than helping out around the house.

Mary Beth helped me put the finishing touches on the afghan I made for the Basset Hound Nationals raffle. I should do another post to catch up on the afghans I’ve finished recently.

In the morning we took the kids to the YMCA to go swimming. They LOVE being in the water and Sunday mornings it isn’t real hectic.

After swimming was the obligatory lunch at McDonalds.

There is nothing better than spending time with the family! Since Mary and the kids moved out it is especially fun to spend time with them.